Hezbollah Leader Warns ‘Jewish Immigrants’ to Leave Israel before ‘Demise’ in Next War

In: https://unitedwithisrael.org/hezbollah-leader-warns-zionist-settlers-to-leave-israel-before-their-demise/?utm_source=MadMimi&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Hezbollah+Urges+Jews+to+Leave+Israel+before+Next+War%3B+State+Dept+Rejects+%27Settlements+are+Part+of+Israel%27+Statement+by+US+Envoy&utm_campaign=20171001_m141833285_Hezbollah+Urges+Jews+to+Leave+Israel+before+Next+War%3B+State+Dept+Rejects+%27Settlements+are+Part+of+Israel%27+Statement+by+US+Envoy&utm_term=Hezbollah+Leader+Urges+_27Jewish+Immigrants_27+to+Leave+Israel+Before+Next+War

Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah. (Al-Manar)

Hezbollah’s leader Nasrallah issued more warnings to Israel, calling on Jews to return to Europe before the next war.

Secretary General of the Hezbollah terror group, Hassan Nasrallah, issued an ominous threat to Israelis urging them to return to the countries “from where they had come,” before it becomes too dangerous for them in “Palestine.”

In a televised address from his bunker on Sunday during a ceremony held to mark the “Ashura,” a Shia Muslim holiday, Nasrallah called on “the Zionist settlers, especially the Jews,” to leave “the occupied Palestinian territories” before Israel is no longer safe for them. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

Hezbollah chief urges Jews to ‘flee Palestine’ while they can

News Agencies and Israel Hayom Staff
In: http://www.israelhayom.com/2017/10/01/hezbollah-kurdish-independence-vote-part-of-us-israeli-plot/

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah says Israeli government is gunning for war, warns Kurdish independence referendum in Iraq will divide the region • “The Jews are being used,” he says • Turkish president says Kurds will pay a price for independence vote.

Hezbollah supporters shout slogans as group leader Hassan Nasrallah delivers a message via video link, Saturday | Photo: AP

The leader of Lebanese militant group Hezbollah said on Sunday that the Israeli government was pushing the region into war in Syria, Lebanon and in the Gaza Strip.

On Sunday, in a speech to followers on the occasion of Ashura, when Shiite Muslims commemorate the slaying of the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah remarked that the Israeli government did not have a “correct assessment of where this war will lead if they ignite it.”

Directly addressing “the Israelis and Jews across the world,” Nasrallah added that “we in the resistance have said from the beginning that our war is against the Zionists who occupy Palestinian land, not against the Jews.”

“The Jews who came from all over the world need to know that they are being used as fuel for a regional war and an American plot targeting the peoples of the region,” Nasrallah continued.

Addressing “religious sages” among the Jews, he said: “The government of Israel, headed by [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu, is leading you toward ruin and destruction because he is looking for war.”

“If Netanyahu launches a war,” he warned, “no part of occupied Palestine will be safe.”

“Israel has no qualms about issuing threats to Lebanon, and it continues its aggressive approach in Syria under the guise of preventing the resistance from developing new military capabilities,” he said. “Israel is using every possible excuse to drag the region into war. This war will be at your expense and you will be the ones to pay the price.”

In conclusion, Nasrallah called on “all Jews to disconnect their values from those of the Zionists, who are on a path toward certain devastation. I call on [the Jews] to leave the territories of Palestine and return to the countries they came from. If Netanyahu starts a war in the region, they will not have time to flee Palestine.”

Sunday’s speech came one day after Nasrallah warned that a recent Iraqi Kurdish independence vote marked the first step toward the division of the Middle East, arguing that it would lead to “internal wars” and must be opposed.

In a separate speech, also via satellite, Nasrallah labeled the events in northern Iraq, where Kurds overwhelmingly voted for independence last Monday, as a threat to Turkey, Syria and Iran, all of which have large Kurdish minorities, and to the entire region.

Iran, Turkey and Syria have rejected the results of the largely symbolic referendum.

Nasrallah warned that the divisions sparked by the vote would also reach other countries in the region including Saudi Arabia, a country that he harshly criticized in his speech.

“The responsibility of the Kurds, Iraqi people and concerned countries … is to stand against the beginning of divisions,” Nasrallah said.

“It will open the door to partition, partition, partition,” he said, adding that “partition means taking the region to internal wars whose end and time frame is known only to God.”

Nasrallah charged Israel with supporting Kurdish statehood and described the referendum as part of a U.S.-Israeli plot to carve up the region.

The United States came out in opposition to the vote, along with major European states and neighboring countries Turkey and Iran. The government of Syria, where Kurdish groups have established autonomous regions, also opposed the referendum.

Hezbollah fighters are currently fighting along with other Iran-backed militias and the Syrian army against ISIS fighters in eastern Syria.

“[ISIS] is at its end. It is a matter of time in Iraq and Syria,” Nasrallah said.

Turkey: Kurds will pay the price for independence vote

Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued threats on Saturday, saying that Iraqi Kurdish authorities would pay the price for the independence referendum.

“They are not forming an independent state, they are opening a wound in the region to twist the knife in,” Erdogan told members of his ruling Justice and Development Party in the eastern Turkish city of Erzurum.

Erdogan has built strong commercial ties with Kurdish authorities in northern Iraq, which pump hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil daily through Turkey for export to world markets.

“We don’t regret what we did in the past. But since the conditions are changed and the Kurdish Regional Government, to which we provided all support, took steps against us, it would pay the price,” he said.

Turkey has repeatedly threatened to impose economic sanctions, effectively cutting their main access to international markets, and has held joint military exercises with Iraqi troops on the border.

However, after Erdogan said that Iraqi Kurds would go hungry if Ankara halted the cross-border flow of trucks and oil, it has said that any measures it took would not target civilians and instead focus on those who organized the referendum.

Iraq’s Defense Ministry said on Friday it plans to take control of the borders of the autonomous Kurdistan region in coordination with Iran and Turkey.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, speaking on Saturday, did not refer specifically to those plans, but said Ankara would no longer deal with Kurdish authorities in Erbil.

“From now on, our relationships with the region will be conducted with the central government, Baghdad,” he said. “As Iran, Iraq and Turkey, we work to ensure the games being played in the region will fail.”

How Mark Twain’s Israel Tour 150 Years Ago Gave Rise to Fulfillment of Jeremiah’s Prophecy

In: https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/95337/150-years-mark-twains-visit-palestine-innocents-abroad-deemed-prophetic/?utm_source=Breaking+Israel+News&utm_campaign=18586791b2-BIN_morning_9_17&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_b6d3627f72-18586791b2-87000761&mc_cid=18586791b2&mc_eid=0eaafab9f2#/

“This whole land shall be a desolate ruin. And those nations shall serve the king of Babylon seventy years.” 
Jeremiah 25:11 (The Israel Bible™)

When Mark Twain visited Palestine in 1867, the land was empty and desolate. (Old City of Jerusalem in the 19th century)

On his landmark visit to Israel 150 years ago, American literary giant Mark Twain witnessed what he did not then know was the start of the prophetic return of the Jewish people to the land.  The renowned travel book that became the foundation for his success, Innocents Abroad, painted a picture of a holy land whose desolation would serve as the beginning point of prophecy brought to life. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

WJC President Lauder: ’45 years after Munich Olympic massacre, we see world’s silence again’

Wed, 06 Sep 2017
In: http://www.worldjewishcongress.org/en/news/world-jewish-congress-president-ronald-s-lauder-45-years-after-munich-olympic-massacre-we-see-the-worlds-silence-again-9-3-2017?utm_source=World+Jewish+Congress+Daily+News&utm_campaign=a469713663-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_09_06&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a1de7e9b27-a469713663-318939641

MUNICH – World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder on Wednesday thanked the German government for its long-awaited tribute to the 11 Israeli sportsmen and German policeman murdered by Palestinian terrorists in the Olympic Village during the 1972 Munich games, and said: “Today we mark not just a tragedy, but a terrible wrong that took place here 45 years ago. Let me be clear from the start. This monument should not have taken 45 years to build.” Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

Una Lección de Hasbará

por: Reuven Weiss
Fuente: Ynetnews.com
In: http://porisrael.org/2017/06/27/una-leccion-de-hasbara/?utm_source=wysija&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=daily_digest

Lo que comenzó como pequeñas iniciativas durante las Operaciones Pilar Defensivo y Margen Protector se ha convertido en una máquina civil bien engrasada de relaciones públicas; miles de estudiantes en Israel -la mayoría de ellos voluntarios- libran una batalla diaria e interminable sobre la imagen de Israel en línea: es hasbará. Su nueva aplicación tiene miles de usuarios en todo el mundo que defienden a Israel en línea. Tú también puedes dar una mano.

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ECI calls upon UNESCO to stop cultural war against Israel ahead of World Heritage vote in Krakow



Brussels, June 27th, 2017 – The European Coalition for Israel has called upon the Chairman of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, Dr. Jacek Purchla, to do everything in his power to stop the Palestinian attempt to declare the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron an endangered Palestinian cultural heritage site, thus denying any Jewish links to this second most holy site in Judaism.

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Gaza al borde del abismo

por: Evelyn Gordon – Junio 26, 2017
Fuente: commentarymagazine.com
Traducido por Israel Winicki para Porisrael.org
In: http://porisrael.org/2017/06/26/gaza-al-borde-del-abismo/?utm_source=wysija&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=daily_digest

Cuando el temor ya no está

Si les preguntan a los palestinos tanto de Gaza como de la Margen Oriental quién es responsable de sus sufrimientos, la mayoría, probablemente, dirá que es Israel. ¿Pero qué dirían si estuvieran seguros en el extranjero sin necesidad de seguir temiendo a sus gobiernos? Esa no es una pregunta que reporteros, diplomáticos u organizaciones no gubernamentales se molestan usualmente en formular. Ahora tenemos una respuesta para ello, al menos con respecto a los palestinos que huyeron de Gaza. Huyeron no por algo que hizo Israel, sino por las persecuciones del gobierno de Hamas. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

¡El Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Madrid condena el boicot a Israel!

In: http://a-com.es/tribunal-superior-justicia-madrid-condena-boicot-israel/

El miércoles pasado el Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Madrid rechazó en términos muy claros el recurso presentado por el Ayuntamiento de Rivas-Vaciamadrid contra sentencia que anula y deja sin efecto el boicot contra Israel y las empresas o individuos que no se opongan al Estado Judío.

El Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Madrid reafirma la decisión del Juzgado número 4 de Madrid, que anuló en el mes de enero los acuerdos de boicot a Israel tras recurso presentado por ACOM. El mandato judicial anulaba las disposiciones de boicot del Ayuntamiento, ya que su aplicación determinaría un veto real a las organizaciones, empresas y organismos de un país determinado. Con la reciente sentencia se reafirma el carácter discriminatorio, sesgado y decididamente hostil contra Israel, sus naturales y todo aquel que simpatice con el país hebreo. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

Israel faces battle for Jerusalem and Hebron at UN conference

By: Ilan Evyatar/TPS
In: https://worldisraelnews.com/israel-faces-two-front-battle-un-conference/?utm_source=MadMimi&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Netanyahu+Blasts+Iran%27s+Countdown+to+%27Israel%27s+Destruction%27%3B+Israel%27s+New+Battle+for+Jerusalem+and+Hebron&utm_campaign=20170626_m140060223_Netanyahu+Blasts+Iran%27s+Countdown+to+%27Israel%27s+Destruction%27%3B+Israel%27s+New+Battle+for+Jerusalem+and+Hebron&utm_term=Israel+Faces+Battle+for+Jerusalem+and+Hebron+at+UN+Conference

Israel will face another two Arab-sponsored UNESCO resolutions attempting to erase the Jewish ties to the Land of Israel.

Tomb of the Patriarchs (Wikicommons)

Israel will find itself fighting on two fronts at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Committee annual assembly in Poland next week after Jordan put forward a motion to keep the Old City of Jerusalem on its list of endangered sites. Another motion will seek to have the Old City of Hebron – including the Tomb of the Patriarchs – added to the list and registered under the “State of Palestine.” Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

Suspension of Western Wall deal leaves Jewish leaders feeling betrayed

by Ben Sales, JTA
In: http://jewishjournal.com/news/israel/220949/suspension-western-wall-deal-leaves-jewish-leaders-feeling-betrayed/

They’ve tried strongly-worded statements. They’ve tried private meetings with the prime minister. They’ve tried negotiations, protest and prayer.

But for the past five years, despite broad internal consensus and consistent pressure, the American Jewish establishment has been unable to persuade Israel’s government to create an equitable space for non-Orthodox prayer at the Western Wall. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

Israel furious as UN set to host ’50 years of Israeli occupation’ event

By Itamar Eichner
Translated & edited by Lior Mor
In: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4978928,00.html?utm_source=World+Jewish+Congress+Daily+News&utm_campaign=2a0952e365-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_06_21&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a1de7e9b27-2a0952e365-318939641

Minister Gilad Erdan appeals to UN Secretary-General Guterres to stop hostile conference scheduled to take place at the UN headquarters this month; writing to Guterres and telling him the groups participating are entirely dedicated to defaming and ‘delegitimizing Israel’ Erdan also reaches out to US Senator Marco Rubio, urging him to ‘continue to speak out against use of UN funds to promote the BDS campaign.’

BDS protest

Israel is gearing up to push back against a conference being hosted next week by the UN in the organization’s New York headquarters to mark what it describes as the “anniversary of the Israeli occupation.” Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

“Israel continua a estender a mão em paz como em 1948 e 1967”

Por: Helena Tecedeiro
In: http://www.dn.pt/mundo/interior/israel-continua-a-estender-a-mao-em-paz-como-em-1948-e-1967-8534710.html

A embaixadora de Israel, Tzipora Rimon, explica ao DN a importância da Guerra dos Seis Dias.

A embaixadora de Israel, Tzipora Rimon

Que memória guarda o povo israelita da Guerra dos Seis Dias?

Ainda hoje, 50 anos após essa guerra, a sua memória permanece muito forte para o povo israelita. Em 1967, Israel não acordou um dia e decidiu iniciar uma guerra. Acordou um dia e descobriu que tinha de se defender de uma guerra que os países árabes preparavam contra si. Para Israel foi uma guerra de defesa existencial e eu lembro-me claramente, como jovem aluna de liceu, do ambiente de ansiedade durante aquele período. E do enorme alívio que sentimos, após a guerra, e do entusiasmo e emoção em poder revisitar os lugares sagrados mais importantes para o povo judeu, como o Muro das Lamentações em Jerusalém, cujo acesso nos foi proibido durante 19 anos. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

ECI commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem in European Parliament

June 2nd, 2017 – The European Coalition for Israel has marked the 50th Anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem by hosting a screening of a new documentary “In Our Hand – The Battle for Jerusalem” in the European Parliament in Brussels. The documentary, which had its European premiere on Thursday night, was presented by producer Gordon Robertson who also answered questions after the film. Explaining why he had just completed his third documentary on an issue related to Israel he replied:
“The Jewish people simply have the best stories. For over 4000 years, the narrative of the Jewish people has inspired us and given us the stories that define our western civilization.” Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

UN Secretary-General Guterres Tells Simon Wiesenthal Center Leaders: “Denial of Israel’s right to exist is anti-Semitism”

L-R: Rabbi Meyer H. May, SWC Executive Director; Rabbi Marvin Hier, SWC Founder & Dean, UN Secretary General Anntonio Guterres; Rabbi Abraham Cooper, SWC Associate Dean and Mark Weitzman, SWC Government Affairs Director and UN Representative

United Nations Secretary-General Guterres met with senior officials of the Simon Wiesenthal Center at his offices at UN headquarters in New York.

The discussion covered a wide range of issues including efforts to make terrorism a crime against humanity, the UN’s role in countering burgeoning anti-Semitism in Europe, ending the demonizing and abuse of Israel in and by UN agencies, including UNRWA, UNESCO, and the UN Human Rights Council, and stumbling blocks hampering Middle East peace prospects. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

Republica Checa critica la votación anti Israel de la UNESCO: “Jerusalem es su capital”

Fuente: Itongadol
por Central de Noticias Diario Judío
In: http://diariojudio.com/noticias/republica-checa-critica-la-votacion-anti-israel-de-la-unesco-jerusalem-es-su-capital/242789/#

Diario Judío México – Netanyahu se mostró agradecido por la declaración checa. “Es correcto, valeroso y de mucho coraje. Es una posición que otros deberían seguir”, expresó. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

El Parlamento checo reconoció a Jerusalem como la capital de Israel

Fuente: Aurora
In: http://www.radiojai.com.ar/OnLine/notiDetalle.asp?id_Noticia=85806&utm_source=Campa%C3%B1a%20Radio%20Jai&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Newsletter%20-%20Radio%20Jai

JAI – El Parlamento de la República Checa aprobó este miércoles una medida a partir de la cual reconoce a Jerusalem como la capital de Israel. El acto fue realizado justamente el Día de Jerusalén, el cual marca el 50 aniversario de la unificación de la ciudad bajo la soberanía israelí. Además, este país europeo condenó las recientes resoluciones antiisraelíes de la UNESCO.

Un total de 112 diputados de los 156 legisladores que conforman el Parlamento checo apoyaron en Praga la resolución. Los miembros del Parlamento instaron a su Gobierno a adoptar la resolución y a reconocer a Jerusalem como la capital de Israel, y a la apertura de negociaciones directas e incondicionales con los palestinos. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

Remembering Those Who Gave Their Lives ✡ “Shall Be for Signs and Wonders”


Behold, I and the children whom the Lord has given me, shall be for signs and for wonders in Israel from the Lord of Hosts, who dwells in Mount Zion.
Isaiah 8:18 (The Israel Bible™)
הִנֵּה אָנֹכִי וְהַיְלָדִים אֲשֶׁר נָתַן לִי יְ-הוָה לְאֹתוֹת וּלְמוֹפְתִים בְּיִשְׂרָאֵל מֵעִם  יְ-הוָה צְבָאוֹת הַשֹּׁכֵן בְּהַר צִיּוֹן
יְשַׁעְיָהוּ ח:יח
hi-nay a-no-khee v’-ha-y’-la-deem a-sher na-tan lee a-do-nai l’-o-tot ul-mof-teem b’-yis-ra-ayl may-im a-do-nai tz’-va-ot ha-sho-khayn b’-har tzi-yon

Today’s Israel Inspiration

We learn from today’s verse just how extraordinary the prophets of Israel were in their complete faith that God would restore Zion. Isaiah goes so far as to name his children with names of hope and promise, as signs that the redemption will come! It is these two qualities of faith and hope that are the companions of a soldier on the battlefield. Armed with belief, the soldier can carry on knowing that the cause of peace and freedom is worth his effort. On America’s Memorial Day, the IDF stands with the United States, honoring all those who lost their lives while defending peace and freedom for ALL people.

Trump furious with Abbas: You lied to me

David Rosenberg, 28/05/17 20:15 | updated: 10:20
In: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/230295?utm_source=activetrail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl

President Trump reportedly outraged with Palestinian Authority leader. ‘The Israelis showed me that you are involved in incitement.’

Abbas and Trump (Reuters)

President Donald Trump lambasted Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, after the president claims the PA leader deceived him regarding his party’s involvement in anti-Israel incitement.

Trump met with Abbas in the PA-controlled city of Bethlehem last week during his two-day visit to Israel. The two held a joint press conference, at which time the president praised Abbas’ commitment to restarting negotiations with Israel for a final status agreement. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

Republica Checa critica la votación anti Israel de la UNESCO: “Jerusalem es su capital”

por Central de Noticias Diario Judío
Fuente: Itongadol
In: http://diariojudio.com/noticias/republica-checa-critica-la-votacion-anti-israel-de-la-unesco-jerusalem-es-su-capital/242789/#

Diario Judío México – Netanyahu se mostró agradecido por la declaración checa. “Es correcto, valeroso y de mucho coraje. Es una posición que otros deberían seguir”, expresó.

La resolución que fue aprobada en la cámara baja del parlamento Checo golpeó la dictaminada por la UNESCO que no respetaba la soberanía de Israel en Jerusalem. Benjamin Netanyahu habló tras el pedido de “respeto” que promueve Republica Checa. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

WATCH: White House map of Israel in this video shows pre-1967 borders

In: https://worldisraelnews.com/watch-new-trump-video-shows-israel-without-western-wall/?utm_source=MadMimi&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Trump%27s+Map+of+Israel+will+Shock+You%21+Trump+Confident+He%27ll+Make+the+Ultimate+Deal&utm_campaign=20170519_m139361002_Trump%27s+Map+of+Israel+will+Shock+You%21+Trump+Confident+He%27ll+Make+the+Ultimate+Deal&utm_term=Israel_v1-1-209x139_png

Just as Israel prepares to celebrate 50 years of a united Jerusalem, the White House released a video entitled “POTUS Abroad” promoting President Trump’s upcoming overseas trip, including a visit to Israel.

In the shocking map of Israel displayed in the White House video, all of the Golan Heights, Judea, Samaria, and the Old City of Jerusalem, which includes the Western Wall, are depicted as being outside the Jewish state.

Although the original video posted on the White House Youtube channel was apparently removed, it appears on another channel where it can still be seen below.

In case the video gets removed, we have posted a screenshot of the video in which the “shrunken” map of Israel can be seen.

Europe-Israel Public Affairs Update

EIPA Update

“Come writers and critics
Who prophesies with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won’t come again
And don’t speak too soon
For the wheel’s still in spin
And there’s no tellin’ who
That it’s namin’.
For the loser now
Will be later to win
For the times they are a-changin’.”
(Simon and Garfunkel.)

The European Parliament voted on Thursday afternoon on its annual position on ways of “Achieving the two-state solution in the Middle East”. The Resolution has been postponed for a couple of months, presumably to allow the MEPs to get a better sense of the lay of the land following the US Presidential paradigm shift in pushing the process back up on the list marked “urgent” (regular readers will know from previous newsletters that many presidents prefer to ignore the Siren’s call of Israeli-Palestinian conflict.) Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

Representante de EEUU en ONU: ”El Kotel es parte de Israel y la embajada debe ser trasladada a Jerusalén”

Fuente: Aurora
In: http://www.radiojai.com.ar/OnLine/notiDetalle.asp?id_Noticia=85680&utm_source=Campa%C3%B1a%20Radio%20Jai&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Newsletter%20-%20Radio%20Jai

JAI – La embajadora de los Estados Unidos en las Naciones Unidas, Nikki Haley, aseguró que la embajada de su país en Israel debe ser trasladada de Tel Aviv, donde se encuentra actualmente, a Jerusalén, y afirmó que el Muro Occidental o “Kotel” es parte integral del Estado judío.

En una entrevista ofrecida a la cadena de noticias norteamericana CBN, Haley expresó: “Obviamente, creo que la capital debería ser Jerusalén y la embajada debe ser trasladada a Jerusalén porque si nos fijamos todo el gobierno [de Israel] está en Jerusalén. Gran parte de lo que sucede está en Jerusalén y creo que tenemos que ver que eso es lo que es”.

“No sé cuál es la política de la administración [estadounidense] pero creo que el Muro Occidental es parte de Israel y creo que esa es la forma de como siempre lo hemos visto, y eso es lo que deberíamos procurar”, señaló la diplomática.

“No estoy muy segura de lo que sucedió con el tema, pero sé que están tratando de arreglar eso… siempre hemos pensamos que el Muro Occidental, es parte de Israel”, agregó.

Arab States Offer Normalized Ties With Israel in Exchange for Concessions

Read more at: https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/88231/arab-states-offer-normalized-ties-israel-exchange-concessions/#CjROhrW6576ii2il.99

King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia. (Flickr)

Arab states are reportedly prepared to consider improved relations with Israel if the Jewish state makes various concessions to reach a peace deal with the Palestinians.

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that as part of a process of normalizing ties with Israel, Gulf states expressed the willingness to set up telecommunication lines between the Jewish state and Arab nations. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

Rivlin to Friedman: Time to recognize Jerusalem as our capital

David Rosenberg, 16/05/17 11:46 | updated: 12:48
In: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/229714?utm_source=activetrail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl

Watch: US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman presents credentials to Israeli president, formally begins service in Israel

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman met with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin Tuesday morning, a day after arriving in Israel to begin his service as ambassador.

President Rivlin received Friedman’s credentials, marking the formal beginning of Friedman’s ambassadorship to the Jewish state.

Two other new ambassadors, representing Spain and Thailand, were also received by the president on Tuesday. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

‘Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem will advance peace’

Shlomo Cesana, Erez Linn and Reuters
In: http://www.israelhayom.com/site/newsletter_article.php?id=42431

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, Sunday | Photo credit: Reuters

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responds to news that U.S. President Donald Trump may be rethinking his promise to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in view of how relocation would affect efforts to broker an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.

The possible relocation of the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was at the center of a pointed exchange between Israel and the White House on Sunday.

U.S. President Donald Trump is trying to determine how keeping his election promise to move the embassy may affect his hopes of brokering a peace deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said. But in Israel, the Prime Minister’s Office said the move would only help advance the peace process.

Since taking office in January, Trump has shown signs of backpedaling on his campaign pledge to move the embassy, while vowing to do what is necessary to clinch a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

La obsesión de las Naciones Unidas contra Israel

  • Israel es, por tanto, el único país del planeta que se beneficia del privilegio dudoso de ser escudriñado en la menor de sus acciones, a través de una agenda decidida por sus enemigos.
  • Tampoco es necesario volver a 1976 para recordar la infame Resolución 3379 de la ONU, “El sionismo es una forma de racismo”, bajo el Secretario General de un ex nazi, Kurt Waldheim, una semana después que el brutal Idi Amin de Uganda recibiera una recepción triunfal en la sede de la ONU.

    El Consejo de Derechos Humanos de las Naciones Unidas se reunió una vez más el 20 de marzo para debatir el “Artículo  7 del programa”, tema obligatorio de debate desde junio de 2006, el único objetivo es condenar sistemáticamente a la democracia israelí por crímenes cuya existencia no han sido probados.

    La agenda, oficialmente diseñada para evaluar la situación humanitaria en los territorios palestinos, a la luz de los informes presentados por Fatah, la OLP y varias ONG, es parte de una campaña más amplia, llevada a cabo por países como Libia, Argelia, Kuwait, Arabia Saudita, Iraq, Sudán y Yemen. Israel es, por tanto, el único país del planeta que se beneficia del privilegio dudoso de ser examinado en la menor de sus acciones, a través de una agenda decidida por sus enemigos.

    Si se tratara sólo de expresar esta obsesión, nacida de una vieja costumbre de las dictaduras árabe-musulmanas de convertir al Estado hebreo en chivo expiatorio, responsable de todas las desgracias que asolan sus sociedades, el punto 7 del orden del día sería una mera rareza, especialmente porque la sesión es regularmente boicoteada por la mayoría de los países occidentales y sistemáticamente por los Estados Unidos.

    Por desgracia, esta Israelofobia se ha ido extendiendo a lo largo de las Naciones Unidas. En 1948, cuando Israel, después de ser reconocido oficialmente como un estado soberano por prácticamente todas las democracias occidentales, acababa de repeler la agresión genocida de cinco países vecinos, y cientos de miles de judíos fueron huyendo de la opresión de las dictaduras árabes, la ONU dio a luz a la OOPS, una organización diseñada para ayudar a los refugiados palestinos en exclusiva. Esto a pesar de no ser ya un programa para los refugiados en la ONU, la Oficina del Alto Comisionado de las Naciones Unidas para los Refugiados (ACNUR).

    El mandato del OOPS duró un año. Setenta años después, la organización, ahora es un programa de trabajo de la ONU, continúa funcionando dentro de los territorios palestinos y los países vecinos, con un presupuesto anual cercano a mil millones de dólares. Parte de eso cubre sueldos y fondos de pensiones para 25.000 a 27.000 empleados (incluyendo muchos miembros de Hamas); Escuelas en las que los descendientes de descendientes de “refugiados”, en los suburbios o en los pueblos llamados “campamentos”, se les dice erróneamente que Tel Aviv y Haifa les ha pertenecido a ellos  y que debían ser devueltos a los mismos y donde el mito de un imposible “derecho de retorno “continúa manteniendo a las nuevas generaciones de palestinos como rehenes que incitan al odio a Israel y a los judío.

    Como Said Aburish, uno de los biógrafos de Yasser Arafat y ex asesor de Saddam Hussein, le dijo a este autor:

    • “Con el fin de conservar las raciones de la OOPS, los palestinos se habían acostumbrado a enterrar a sus muertos en la noche, de modo que nadie moría  en los campamentos, excepto cuando era posible acusar a Israel de ello. Con la complicidad pasiva de la OOPS, ya que su presupuesto anual depende del número de almas de las que son responsables”.

    No es ningún secreto que, en menos de 70 años, la ONU ha condenado a Israel más a menudo que todos los países del mundo combinados, incluidos los culpables de esclavitud, ejecuciones en masa, genocidio – todos los abusos de derechos humanos imaginables Que casi se ha convertido en una broma.

    Vale la pena recordar que entre 1981 y 1986, cuando Israel había establecido un programa social para la rehabilitación de los refugiados árabes con sede  en Gaza, la única respuesta de la ONU, bajo la presión del presidente de Fatah, Yasser Arafat, fue condenar al Estado hebreo por su iniciativa, concluyendo cada una de sus resoluciones por esta orden angustiosa: “Devolver a los refugiados a los campamentos”.

    Tampoco es necesario volver a 1975, para recordar la infame Resolución 3379 de la ONU, “El sionismo es una forma de racismo”, bajo la secretaria general de un ex nazi, Kurt Waldheim, una semana después que el brutal Idi Amin de Uganda recibiera una recepción triunfal en la sede de la ONU.


    Traducido para Porisrael.org por Dori Lustron

La última resolución de la UNESCO sobre Jerusalén: Más de lo mismo

Fuente: Hatzad Hasheni
In: http://www.radiojai.com.ar/OnLine/notiDetalle.asp?id_Noticia=85509&utm_source=Campa%C3%B1a%20Radio%20Jai&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Newsletter%20-%20Radio%20Jai

El carácter especial de la UNESCO como órgano educativo y cultural de las Naciones Unidas ha sido gravemente e irreparablemente contaminado y perjudicado con el fin de deslegitimar a Israel.

La obsesión del liderazgo palestino con la deslegitimación de Israel, incluso en la víspera del encuentro entre el líder palestino Mahmoud Abbas y el presidente de los Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, es claramente un “dedo en el ojo” contra la nueva administración estadounidense y un mensaje ominoso a todos los buscadores de la paz. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

Israel vuelve a reducir contribución a la ONU por resolución de UNESCO

por Central de Noticias Diario Judío
In: http://diariojudio.com/noticias/israel-vuelve-a-reducir-contribucion-a-la-onu-por-resolucion-de-unesco/240446/#

Diario Judío México – Israel anunció este miércoles una nueva reducción de su contribución a la ONU para denunciar una resolución de la UNESCO que niega, según el primer ministro Benjamin Netanyahu, el vínculo histórico entre los judíos y Jerusalén y presenta a Israel como una “potencia ocupante”. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder urges football associations worldwide to reject anti-Israel vote in FIFA

NEW YORK – The World Jewish Congress and dozens of its affiliated communities around the world are urging national football associations to reject a forthcoming vote regarding the standing of the Israeli Football Association (IFA) within Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), set to take place at the international football body’s upcoming Congress in Bahrain.  

In a letter to FIFA President Gianni Infantino, World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder wrote: “The WJC strongly opposes any efforts by member countries to manipulate FIFA for their own political interests. The campaign of the Palestinian Football Association (PFA) to sanction Israel has no place on the FIFA Congress’ agenda. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

World Jewish Congress rejects UNESCO vote on Jerusalem as ‘distorted and illegitimate revision of history’

In: http://www.worldjewishcongress.org/en/news/world-jewish-congress-rejects-unesco-vote-on-jerusalem-as-distorted-and-illegitimate-revision-of-history-5-2-2017?utm_source=World+Jewish+Congress+Daily+News&utm_campaign=de9770ed9f-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_05_02&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a1de7e9b27-de9770ed9f-318939641

NEW YORK – World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder on Tuesday condemned the UNESCO Executive Board’s decision to vote in favor of a decision rejecting Israeli sovereignty and jurisdiction over Jerusalem as a “distorted, dangerous, and illegitimate revision of history,” and thanked the 10 member states that opposed the decision for “speaking up for truth and justice”.

Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

Simon Wiesenthal Center: Watch Rabbi Hier light Yom Ha’atzmaut Torch in Israel

Rabbi Hier lights Israel Independence Day torch at 69th anniversary of the State of Israel and 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification

“I recognize that by lighting this torch I am merely a messenger for previous generations of Jews … This is not a personal honor, but a recognition of the sacred work of the Simon Wiesenthal Center to defend the Jewish people, honor the principles of human dignity and impart our values to generations to come at the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem,” — Rabbi Marvin Hier, pictured with Taglit-Birthright chairman Michael Steinhardt, the first two non-Israelis ever chosen for this honor.

Other torches were lit by Israeli singer and actor Yehoram Gaon; co-founder and CTO of Mobileye Amnon Shashua; writer Eli Amir; soccer player Uri Malmilian; Head of the Department of General Surgery at Hadassah Medical Center Dr. Eid Ahmed; Hana Henkin, who lost her son and daughter-in-law in a terror attack; Dina Samte of the Jewish Institute for the Blind; restaurateur Eli Mizrahi; Six-Day War veteran Yaakov Hetz; ; Miri Erenthal, who founded the Zichron Menahem organization to aid children with cancer and their families; Lt. Dean Ergil of the paratroopers; and Maj. Yaros Shigut, who immigrated from Ethiopia and currently serves as head of the information department at the Education and Youth Officer’s headquarters.

Iom Haatzmaut: 10 datos que hay que saber sobre el Día de la Independencia de Israel

Fuente: ibtimes.co.in
In: http://www.radiojai.com.ar/OnLine/notiDetalle.asp?id_Noticia=85455&utm_source=Campa%C3%B1a%20Radio%20Jai&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Newsletter%20-%20Radio%20Jai

JAI – Hoy es el aniversario número 69 de la independencia de Israel, jornada conocida como Iom Haatzamut. Los siguientes son 10 hitos claves sobre esta fecha clave del Estado judío.

1. Iom Haatzmaut en Israel siempre va precedido de Iom Hazikarón, Día de los Caídos de Israel, ya que a menudo se argumenta que estos dos días están relacionados porque los israelíes deben su independencia a los soldados que dieron su vida por Israel. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

ECI congratulates Israel on 69th birthday – Israel can show Europe the way forward

Brussels, May 2nd, 2017 – The European Coalition for Israel has sent the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, a personal letter congratulating him and the State of Israel on the occasion of its 69th birthday. ECI met with the Prime Minister in Jerusalem in September of last year. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

¡Israel debe enorgullecerse de su desarrollo económico! Desde el año 2000 Israel ha crecido un 62%

Este 62% es casi el doble de la tasa de crecimiento de la media de los países de la OCDE. Se registra un mínimo récord de desempleo, el PIB per cápita se sitúa en 36 mil dólares (24° en la clasificación mundial) y el número de empleados ultra ortodoxos (Haredim) ha aumentado enormemente. Orgullo económico en este Día de la Independencia.

A pesar de la implacable autocrítica, muchas veces justificada, en vísperas del Día de la Independencia podemos también darnos una palmada en la espalda y revisar los logros de la economía israelí, y ciertamente son muchos, sobre todo cuando nos fijamos en la franja de tiempo 2000-2017.

El crecimiento acumulado de la economía israelí alcanzó, desde el comienzo del siglo hasta hoy, un 62%, casi el doble del crecimiento acumulado promedio en los países de la OCDE que se sitúa en sólo el 32%. Desde la crisis de 2008, el Estado de Israel es el país con el segundo crecimiento económico más alto entre los 34 países de la OCDE, con un crecimiento acumulado del 35% en comparación con un crecimiento acumulado de sólo el 14% de media entre los países de la OCDE. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

Judíos y árabes dicen estar orgullosos de ser israelíes

In: http://www.radiojai.com.ar/OnLine/notiDetalle.asp?id_Noticia=85449&utm_source=Campa%C3%B1a%20Radio%20Jai&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Newsletter%20-%20Radio%20Jai

Tanto los judíos como los árabes piensan que el liderazgo del país no hace un buen trabajo al escucharlos, pero en general se sienten orgullosos de ser israelíes. Entrevistados en la víspera del Día de la Independencia, la mayoría de los israelíes son optimistas sobre el futuro de su país, pero críticos con sus líderes.

La encuesta, publicada conjuntamente por el Instituto de Democracia de Israel y la Universidad de Tel Aviv, encontró que el 71 por ciento de los israelíes (73 por ciento de los encuestados judíos y 61 por ciento de los encuestados árabes) ven un “muy buen futuro” o “bastante bueno”.

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Rabi Marc Angel – Israel: A Tiny Nation, A Great Destiny – Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals

The Synagogue Shearith Israel, New York

Shalom uvrakha,

The State of Israel observes Yom haZikkaron, the memorial day for fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism, on Monday May 1. Yom haAtsmaut, Israel Independence Day, is celebrated on Tuesday May 2.  Most Jews today do not remember being alive in a world where there was no State of Israel; but if we expand our historical memory, we will be reminded of nearly 2000 years of Jewish “statelessness” with all the negative features that went with that. The very existence of a strong, thriving and democratic Israel is an amazing testimony to the endurance of the Jewish People and the providence of the Almighty. Here are some thoughts on “Israel: A Tiny Nation, A Great Destiny.”https://www.jewishideas.org/article/israel-tiny-nation-great-destiny-thoughts-yom-haatsmaut

Jerusalém é a Capital Eterna de Israel


Dear Friend,

Jerusalem is under attack. A UN body is set to ambush Israel and ERASE the Jewish people’s 4,000-year bond to Jerusalem.

Right now, enemies of Israel are plotting against her. They are pushing to declare Israel has NO rights in her own eternal capital of Jerusalem.

Time is running out. The vote is set for Tuesday, on Israel’s Independence Day. Outrage isn’t enough. The attack own Israeli rights in the city need to be fought. Supporters of Israel need to make our voice heard.

Will you stand by Israel in her moment of need? Send a message to the UN: Jerusalem is Israel’s eternal capital.

This is a critical issue. The UN attack could undermine Israel’s connection to Jerusalem — and Israel’s very right to exist. If the Jewish people do not have rights in Jerusalem, their eternal capital for over 3000 years, where do they have a right to live?

If we don’t act now, Judaism could lose its place at its most sacred site, Israel’s standing could be in danger and so could freedom of religion in Jerusalem. In the face of this travesty, we must stand up for Israel.

Time is running out. Take action to defend Israel.

Sign the petition that tells the UN: Jerusalem is Israel’s eternal capital.

Don’t let Israel fight this one alone. Add your name now. 

Thank you for your support.

El gobierno británico rechaza la solicitud palestina de pedir disculpas por la Declaración Balfour

Independiente hasta los huesos

Estos días Israel conmemora (según el calendario hebreo) su independencia, 69 años después de la declaración que el 14 de mayo de 1948 ponía fin al Mandato que los británicos recibieron de la Sociedad de las Naciones, y según el acuerdo de partición votado seis meses antes por Naciones Unidas. Más allá de los datos históricos, la independencia de Israel significa algo diferente para los israelíes que para los demás, en función de su cultura y lengua, el hebreo. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

Funcionario del C I.C.R.  (Comité Internacional de la Cruz Roja): “Israel no es un estado apartheid”

Abril 27, 2017
por: Sever Plocker
Fuente: ynetnews.com
Traducido para Porisrael.org: Israel Winicki
In: http://porisrael.org/2017/04/27/funcionario-del-c-i-c-r-comite-internacional-de-la-cruz-roja-israel-no-es-un-estado-apartheid/?utm_source=wysija&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=daily_digest


Jacques De Maio (Photo: EPA)

Jacques De Maio, quien encabeza la delegación en Israel y la AP del Comité Internacional de la Cruz Roja, afirmó: “No hay órdenes que las FDI disparen a sospechosos de asesinato, como nos quisieron convencer los  funcionarios políticos”; también rechazó los reclamos de apartheid: “Acá no hay un régimen basado en la superioridad de una raza sobre otra, no hay una anulación de derechos humanos básicos basada en la así llamada inferioridad racial”. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→


APRIL 17, 2017 07:57
In: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/The-next-set-of-Four-Questions-488096

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara at a Mimouna celebration in Or Akiva. (photo credit:KOBY GIDEON/GPO)

Enormous amounts of energy and preparation go into the first day of Passover, culminating in the Seder that brings the family together in an intense and meaningful encounter that lasts until the small hours of the morning. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

De Compostela a Ierushalaim – Un simple partido de fútbol

Por Pablo Veiga – Socio de AGAI (Asociación Galega de Amizade con Israel)

Un simple partido de fútbol

Recientemente se celebró un encuentro entre las selecciones de fútbol de Israel y España, valedero para el mundial que tendrá lugar en Rusia el próximo año.

La casualidad quiso que la ciudad elegida para el evento fuera Gijón, en la comunidad autónoma asturiana, cuyo ayuntamiento adoptó por mayoría de sus ediles adherirse al boicot contra todo lo relacionado con el estado de Israel, incluido sus escuadras deportivas, siguiendo la estela del movimiento BDS. Un acuerdo adoptado por otros municipios de la geografía española, -tristemente, alguno de Galicia-, que la Justicia declaró ilegal posteriormente. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

Boa Noticia de Israel – 2 de abril de 2017

In: http://verygoodnewsisraelguests.blogspot.pt/2017/04/boa-noticia-de-israel-2-de-abril-de-2017.html


Na edição de 2 de abril de 2017 do Good news de Israel, os destaques incluem:

  • Cientistas israelenses descobriram um tratamento para cânceres previamente incuráveis.
  • Três novas histórias inspiradoras sobre transplante.
  • 40% dos pacientes oncológicos infantis num hospital israelense são árabes palestinos.
  • Israel está abastecendo uma fábrica de cimento com energia proveniente do lixo.
  • 10 companhias aéreas estão prestes a iniciar serviços regulares para Tel Aviv.
  • Intel compra a Mobileye por US$ 15 bilhões – A maior venda de alta tecnologia de Israel.
  • Britney Spears anunciou que se apresentará em Tel Aviv no dia 3 de julho.
  • Arqueólogos israelenses acreditam ter encontrado a sepultura de Ibn Ezra.

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Israel y la India firman multimillonario acuerdo de defensa

In: http://www.radiojai.com.ar/OnLine/notiDetalle.asp?id_Noticia=85247&utm_source=Campa%C3%B1a%20Radio%20Jai&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Newsletter%20-%20Radio%20Jai

El Ministerio de Defensa indio ha firmado un acuerdo cercano a 2 mil millones de dólares con las Industrias Aeroespaciales de Israel (IAI) para sistemas avanzados de defensa aérea y de misiles para el Ejército de la India (IA) y la Marina de la India (IN), anunció el IAI.

El contrato incluye una adquisición de 1.600 mil millones de dólares del sistema MRSAM de 70 km para el ejército indio y la adquisición de sistemas adicionales de defensa aérea y de misiles LRSAM para el portaaviones de la clase Vikrant, INS Vikrant. La primera clase Vikrant de 37.000 toneladas está actualmente en construcción en Cochin Shipyard Limited, en el sur de la India.

En colaboración con Rafael Advanced Defense Systems y IAI / Elta, MRSAM y LRSAM corresponden al misil de largo alcance Barak-8, que ahora ha sido re-designado Barak LR (desarrollado por el IAI y la Organización de Investigación y Desarrollo de Defensa de la India (DRDO).

Es triste decirlo pero no hay ningún motivo para estar sorprendidos

In: http://www.radiojai.com.ar/OnLine/notiDetalle.asp?id_Noticia=85243&utm_source=Campa%C3%B1a%20Radio%20Jai&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Newsletter%20-%20Radio%20Jai

Cymerman, quién hace unas semanas estuvo con prisioneros de ISIS en Mosul, Irak, donde se desarrolla la batalla contra el E.I comentó, los presos del Estado Islámico me pronosticaron que esto ocurriría, en la medida que el Estado Islámico fuera perdiendo su dominio territorial en Mosul. Ahora la próxima gran batalla será en Raka, Siria, cerca de la frontera con Turquía donde se encuentra la Capital del E-I. “Lo que pasa es que parte de los soldados del E.I. se están escapando a Raká donde ellos dicen se dará la última gran batalla”. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

¿Por qué no existe un Estado Palestino?