By Dr. Richard Grazi*
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Zika is all over the news. About 10-30% (we don’t know the exact percentage just yet) of pregnant women infected with the Zika virus will deliver babies with microcephaly, or smaller than normal heads. The medical consequences of this condition are those derived from restricted growth of the brain and include poorly developed sections of the brain, enlarged brain ventricles, and even abnormalities outside the skull such as congenital joint contractures.  [1,2] All of the described anomalies are life-altering for the babies as well as for the families into which they are born. Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

Rabi Marc Angel – The Grand Religious Vision of David de Sola Pool

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Shalom uvrakha,

Rabbi Dr. David de Sola Pool (1885-1970) was one of the great 20th century American rabbis. Serving Congregation Shearith Israel in New York, he was the best known Sephardic rabbi of his generation and the classic exemplar of the Western Sephardic tradition. When I first began serving Shearith Israel in September 1969, I had the honor of sitting next to Dr. Pool on the Tebah (readers desk) and of receiving his blessing. I’ve written an article on his life and work, and I believe his religious vision still has great power for our–and future–generations. Please read https://www.jewishideas.org/rabbi-marc-d-angel/rabbi-dr-david-de-sola-pool-sephardic-visionary-and-activist Continue a ler (Continue reading)→

Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals – A Sephardic Vision for Arab-Israeli Peace


Friday, July 8 2016
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Rabbi Daniel Bouskila is the Director of the Sephardic Educational Center (SEC), an international educational and cultural organization featuring its own historic campus in the Old City of Jerusalem. Rabbi Bouskila’s programs with the SEC educate and enlighten students, rabbis and community leaders about the importance of Classic Sephardic Judaism for today’s Jewish world.

For centuries, Sephardic Jews of Arab lands lived in relatively peaceful coexistence with their Arab-Muslim neighbors. While never perfect, life for Jews in Arab lands never reached the horrible pogroms continuously experienced by Jews living under Christian rule in Europe. Indeed, the Golden Age of Spain took place under Islamic rule, and only after the Catholics re-conquered Spain from the Muslims were Jews subject to the brutal inquisition and subsequent expulsion from Spain in 1492.

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Reflections on Teaching – Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals


Thursday, July 7 2016
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Monique Benun has been a teacher for the past nine years, primarily teaching science in yeshiva high schools in Brooklyn, New York. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Rutgers University and a master’s in General Science Education from CUNY. This article appears in issue 25 of Conversations, the journal of the Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals.

Failure to learn is a result of exclusion from participation. When students are active participants in the processes of learning rather than passive recipients of transferred knowledge, learning is optimized. [1]

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Israel’s Chief Rabbinate, the Conversion Crisis, and Halakhic Chaos – Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals


Friday, July 8 2016
These articles by Isi Leibler originally appeared in the Jerusalem Post and Yisrael Hayom.

The tensions created by the ultra-Orthodox Chief Rabbinate within Israeli society have extended to the Diaspora and are now undermining relations with the Jewish state.

Ironically, this is taking place at a time when many Israelis are returning to their spiritual roots. Although Tel Aviv remains outwardly a hedonistic secular city, the secular Ashkenazi outlook that dominated Israeli society is in decline, and even setting aside haredim, Israelis today have become increasingly more traditionally inclined and religiously observant.

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Rabi Marc D. Angel – Dishonest Orthodox Jews? Is That Possible?

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Rabi Marc Angel

Sunday, April 10 2016

The New York Times, April 8, 2016, ran an extensive article that began: “Four high-ranking veterans of the New York Police Department were re-assigned to desk jobs on Thursday in what is likely to be a first wave of discipline stemming from a wide-ranging federal corruption investigation….” The article went on to report that the two businessmen at the center of the investigation are from Boro Park, both with distinctively Jewish names, and both presumably Orthodox. Neither has been charged with a crime. The allegations are that these businessmen provided financial favors to people in power in order to advance their own business dealings.

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Rabi Marc D. Angel – Pluralismo religioso e tolerância: O modelo de Baharain

Conferência proferida no dia 4 de Março de 2016 nas Nações Unidas pelo Rabi Marc Angel, Director do Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals e Rabi-Emérito da Congregação Shearith Israel em New York (a Sinagoga Portuguesa e Espanhola de New York) e ex-Presidente do Conselho Rabinicoda América.


Rabi Marc Angel. Clique na imagem para ler…



Rabi Marc Angel – Above Tragedy: Thoughts for Simhat Torah

By Rabbi Marc D. Angel

Rabi Marc Angel

(This is the first sermon I delivered from the pulpit of Congregation Shearith Israel, Simhat Torah 1969. Many years have passed since that first sermon, and yet the ideas within it continue to ring true.)

We have spent many months reading about the life of Moses. Today, in one of the most dramatic episodes of the Torah, we read about his death—a very agonizing scene. Moses, the great leader, teacher, and prophet, climbs to the summit of Mount Nebo and looks out over the horizon at the Promised Land. As he stands silent and alone, God tells him: “You are beholding the land that I have promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob saying, ‘I shall give it to your descendants.’ See it with your eyes. You shall not cross into the land.”

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