WATCH: Israeli Ambassador Reveals ‘Crisis’ with Obama Administration


Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer (YouTube/Screenshot)

Israel’s ambassador to the US discusses the conflict between the Netanyahu government and the Obama administration, which became clearer than ever over the past couple of weeks.

Israel faced a crisis over the issue of “settlements” already three months into the Obama administration, Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer told reporters.According to Dermer, Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech to the State Department, defending the US absention from the anti-Israel UN Security Council resolution, could been made years ago, as there has been no change in American policy since Obama took office.

In this interview, Dermer is asked: Do settlements make it impossible to make peace? Why does Israel not divulge its “ironclad evidence” that the US orchestrated the resolution? Can President-elect Donald Trump be seen by both sides as a neutral borker? What is your opinion about David Friedman, Trump’s choice as US ambassdor to Israel, who said he opposes a two-state solution?