Rabi Marc Angel – Israel: A Tiny Nation, A Great Destiny – Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals

The Synagogue Shearith Israel, New York

Shalom uvrakha,

The State of Israel observes Yom haZikkaron, the memorial day for fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism, on Monday May 1. Yom haAtsmaut, Israel Independence Day, is celebrated on Tuesday May 2.  Most Jews today do not remember being alive in a world where there was no State of Israel; but if we expand our historical memory, we will be reminded of nearly 2000 years of Jewish “statelessness” with all the negative features that went with that. The very existence of a strong, thriving and democratic Israel is an amazing testimony to the endurance of the Jewish People and the providence of the Almighty. Here are some thoughts on “Israel: A Tiny Nation, A Great Destiny.”https://www.jewishideas.org/article/israel-tiny-nation-great-destiny-thoughts-yom-haatsmaut