Apelo aos Governos e Parlamentos da Europa e ao Parlamento Europeu

The European friendship associations with Israel meeting in Brussels on November 30th appeal to the parliaments and governments in Europe to refrain from recognition of Palestine as a state.

In the light of recent developments and events, it would be wishful thinking to believe that the recognition of Palestine would assist the peace process.

The convergence of Fatah and Hamas in a unity Government is in name only. The fight between the two rival groups continues relentlessly. Hamas shows its terrorist face unchanged. Palestinian incitement continues unabated.

Those who today call for the recognition of Palestine should be aware that, in doing so, they are rewarding Hamas for their incessant terrorist attacks against Israel.

We appeal to national parliaments and governments in Europe as well as the European Parliament to formally recognise Palestine only if and when the Palestinian side proves ready and willing to live together in peace with Israel.

As friends of Israel, we see the solution of two-states for two peoples as the most realistic. This must be developed and agreed upon in direct negotiations between the two parties.

Brussels, 30th November 2014


  • Associação de Amizade Portugal-Israel

  • Anglo-Israel Association

  • Česká Společnost Přátel Izraele

  • Cultural Friendship Association Romania-Israel

  • Dansk-Israelsk Selskab

  • Deutsch-Israelische Gesellschaft (DIG)

  • Društvo srpsko-jevrejskog prijateljstva

  • Federazione delle Associazioni Italia-Israele

  • FRANCE-ISRAEL. Alliance Général KOENIG.

  • Gesellschaft Schweiz Israel (GSI)

  • Ireland Israel Friendship League

  • Irish 4 israel

  • Israel Friendship Coalition (Finland)

  • Les amitiées Belgo-Israélienne

  • Magyar-Izraeli Baráti Társaságok és Körök Országos Szövetsége

  • Med Israel for fred (Norway)

  • Österreichisch-Israelische Gesellschaft (ÖIG)

  • Samfundet Sverige-Israel