Now What America?

by Craig T.


The people have named Donald Trump the President elect of the United States of America.  What’s in a name?

Each of us has a name
given by God
and given by our parents

Each of us has a name
given by our stature and our smile
and given by what we wear

Each of us has a name
given by the mountains
and given by our walls

For 58 years I have been a son, and for over half of those years I have been a parent.  My parents and my kids are now turning to me and asking ‘what does this mean?’  I’m confused and bruised and have yet to return their phone calls or respond to their texts.  It’s hard to be wise when so much of what I believe in and have committed my life to feels like it’s been turned upside down.

After the initial shock, I feel the first thing I must say is ‘Mazel Tov’, not congratulations, but good luck. We need it, we really need it.  The second thing that comes to mind is please God. Please after all of all the horrible, crude and divisive things Mr. Trump said during the campaign, I am praying that everything he said last night will come true.

Each of us has a name
given by the stars
and given by our neighbors

Each of us has a name
given by our sins
and given by our longing

Each of us has a name
given by our enemies
and given by our love

I know some people who are livid, some angry and some horrified. I feel beat up, stunned and confused.  I assumed Trumps rhetoric was just passing entertainment – I was wrong. I never imagined this could happen and now that it has, I don’t know how to respond.  Everyone I know outside of a handful of people supported Hillary.  I think those who supported Trump are misguided, but outside of one person, I certainly don’t see them as bigoted, racist, stupid or evil people.  Our side lost and… the sun came up, the markets did not crash and our country still stands.  I’m pretty sad, but tomorrow is a new day and we have much work to do.

Now is not the time to hide or to blame, shame, judge or point fingers.
Now is not the time to be bystanders or whiners
Now is the time stay committed to our values and walk our talk to build a better world.
Now is the time to support people who feel targeted by divisive rhetoric.
Now is the time to say no to sexist, racist, homophobic and hateful speech.
Now is the time to defend the rights of Latinos, Muslims, LGBT, Black and immigrants.

If like me you feel this is not the America you thought it was… well, clearly it isn’t. Maybe it’s time we get to know the other 50% – at least for a while this will be our new normal. Now is the time to reach out to the 50% of the country who supported the victor and say, we need to work together and learn together.  If we are to be a united states, we will need each other and depend on each other to move forward.

Now is the time to commit and take to heart the need to love our neighbors as we wish to be loved.  Over half of the voting public did not vote like me. It’s time I get to know them not as the other, the enemy or the deplorable, but as my neighbor.

Each of us has a name
given by our celebrations
and given by our work

Each of us has a name
given by the seasons
and given by our blindness

Each of us has a name
given by the sea
and given by
our death.

America wanted change, and boy did we get it! While it’s not anything like the change I sought, the people have spoken and if we want to change things back, it will be up to us to fight for the change we want to see.

Each of has a name.
We must earn it, and own it.
Each of us has a name,
it’s the only thing that
lives on.
Each of has a name.
Live your name,
be your

And now, it’s time to get back off of Facebook and do the real work.

*Everyone has a name poem by Zelda