Rabi Eli and Rabanit Raizel Rosenfeld – Fire in Israel – Chabad Portugal

Fire in Haifa – Video: Haaretz

Dear Friends,

We are all very worried and very concerned about the terrible tragedies going on in Israel the past few days, the out of control fires being lit by terrorists affecting communities, schools being burned, entire neighborhoods consumed and interrupting life in many parts of Israel. Every hour another community is on fire.

We as Jews always believe that no matter how grim or difficult the situation is, we have the power to change things by praying to G-d and adding in good deeds. A group of great rabbis in Israel has suggested that today all Jewish women and daughters should light Shabbat candles. In Lisbon/Cascais, we are lighting at 16h59. By doing so, this will add more light and fire in a positive and holy way and will overpower the evil energy bringing the negative fires.

Wishing you all a very good Shabbat with hope and prayers for peace in Israel.

Rabbi Eli and Raizel Rosenfeld